Media Monitors is The Leader In Local Media Monitoring. We track Radio, Local Cable and Broadcast TV spots, as well as, Newspaper ads and Local Internet display advertising. Media Monitors gives you a competitive advantage.

Local Internet

Track local online web properties specifically in your market. See display advertising and accurately know the in-market competitive use of Internet by locally targeted web sites. Imagine having access to local advertiser intelligence across local websites in your market every day.

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Local Cable

Our patented broadcast monitoring technology constantly records top-rated Local Cable networks in major markets across the country. We automatically track millions of recurring commercials 24/7, 365 days a year. Review any network's log of spots as aired, and watch the creative.

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We track millions of recurring radio commercials in all the major markets every day and deliver the details on those occurrences. Know the expenditure information, create reports on campaigns and listen to the creative in the aired environment. See the results in list or log form and know exactly when the spot ran.

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Broadcast TV

Our team of spot data specialists research and identify hundreds of new advertisers and commercials every day. Media Monitors Local TV service provides occurrence and expenditure information for the television stations we monitor. Information can be tracked by Account, Parent, and Category.

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Newspaper ad tracking is made easier and more powerful with Media Monitors. We capture and store print advertisements in the weekday, weekend and Sunday editions of major market newspapers as well as page number and relative size. Examine a newspaper's log of ads as printed, and view the actual creative.

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Qualitative Research

With Audience Reaction® you can analyze data from Nielsen Audio in a totally new way. Mscore shows the extent of switching behavior of Nielsen Audio panelists when songs play. Feature Tracker provides on a way to track a specific program over his many plays.

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This Just In

Media Monitors serves more than 12,000 media professionals each week. We are The Leader In Local Media Monitoring. Each week we publish multi-media competitive research in the form of articles and charts. You can see the Spot Tens covering national statistics for advertisements that ran on Radio, Broadcast TV and Local Cable. See the Competitive Face-Off where we show how two major corporations' placed ads to market their products or services over the last 12 months. And in Spot Trends, we focus on one company and how they used big three media over the last year. To see the reports, just click below:

Local Internet

November 16, 2015

With the Media Monitors Local Internet service, subscribers can track locally targeted Internet display advertising on web sites from select markets.

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Spot Ten

Chart of the Week

Get all the SPOT TEN charts from all the major radio formats: ADULT CONTEMPORARY, COUNTRY, URBAN, TOP 40 and HISPANIC.

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Spot Light


This week's report covers WASHINGTON, D.C. & HAIR & BEAUTY SERVICES & SUPPLIES.

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Spot Trends


See advertising trending by PETSMART on Radio, Broadcast TV and Local Cable for the last 12 months. See how they got their message out.

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In this week's Competitive Face-Off, we put HONDA against TOYOTA to analyze their time buys on Radio, Broadcast TV and Local Cable over the last 12 months.

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Creative Spotlight

Take a tour of some of the advertising creative we recently captured.

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