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From Local Internet to Radio to Local Cable to Broadcast TV and Newspapers, Media Monitors delivers competitive intelligence in a fast and easy to use web platform. We know advertising.


What's New at Media Monitors

We are thrilled to announce some great enhancements coming your way!

For starters Network Airplay is getting a new name to better reflect enhanced features. Effective October 2nd, 2015 Network Airplay will be known as Media Monitors Creative Tracking. Look for this new name to access the service on the Media Monitors Launchpad.

The new features are:

  • 'My Uploaded Creative' button: We've taken the 'View Upload Report' and 'Upload Creative' windows and combined them into a single window. This allows you to not only upload creative but also edit and delete your creative content.
  • New informational fields: Within the 'My Uploaded Creative' window we now provide two new columns
  • MM Account: the Media Monitors designated account name
  • Last Aired: the last date and time the creative was detected

For more information please contact

Training the Best

Training for all the Media Monitors products and services is provided for free to all subscribers. If you have a need for training, please contact us and let's get you into one of the training sessions below. To book a training session e-mail Capacitación en español disponible a petición, contacte: FormaciónEnEspañ


Radio Data

DaysSession TimesLocation
Mondays3:00 PM (Spanish) (by appointment)Live Webcast
Tuesdays12:30 PMLive Webcast
Thursdays3:00 PM ESTLive Webcast

All Media
Broadcast TV, Local Cable, Newspaper, Radio and/or Internet

DaysSession TimesLocation
Mondays12:30 PM ESTLive Webcast
Tuesdays3:00 PM ESTLive Webcast
Wednesdays3:00 PM ESTLive Webcast
Thursdays12:30 PM ESTLive Webcast
Fridays12:30 PM EST and 3:00 PM ESTLive Webcast

Audience Reaction® & Mscore Switching Training

DaysSession TimesLocation
Wednesdays12:30 PM ESTLive Webcast

Version 2 Overview (20 Min.)

DaysSession TimesLocation
Wednesdays2:30 PM ESTLive Webcast


The Leader in Local Media Monitoring

Media Monitors provides competitive intelligence information for hundreds of markets in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa. Media Monitors combines a highly-sophisticated patented technology with expert human attention to produce the most accurate multi-media research.

Employing our easy-to-use web-based platform, sales executives, advertising planners, broadcast executives and Internet and Cable companies can hear and see specific advertisements or an entire campaign online with the click of a mouse. From our Radio spot monitoring (MRC accredited), Newspaper Ad Tracking, Broadcast TV and Local Cable TV and Local Internet services, our subscribers have the power competitive intelligence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Media Monitors is a valuable tool for the advertising industry. Ad agencies, advertisers, media planners, media buyers and advertising research & analytics teams depend on Media Monitors to fast and accurate information.

We have been serving media outlets for more than a decade. We deliver competitive intelligence to radio station sales and management teams, Broadcast TV and Local Cable sales, research and management teams, newspaper research and sales team and digital sales teams focused on local analysis.

Our new MM Direct Response is a specific product for that industry and our political advertising data helps candidates and their campaign managers gain insight and use actionable data both locally and nationally.

Media Monitors delivers 89% of all media advertising in the US.


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