White Plains, NY (January 7, 2010) – Media Monitors, the leader in broadcast and cable monitoring, released the 2009 Radio SPOT TEN® showing the leaders in radio advertising in the last year.

Media Monitors 2009 Radio Spot Tens

GEICO comes in #1 in 2009 with 1,935,333 spots, up from #3 in 2008. THE HOME DEPOT was #5 in 2008 and jumped to #2 last year with 1,705,182 commercials. #3 was MCDONALD’S with 1,151,698, they were in at #6 in 2008. VERIZON, with their push on phones and cable TV and wireless was the same at #4 with 1,067,883 ads. And course, their big competitor AT&T, was in at #5 running 946,683 spots. AUTOZONE was in #6 with 817,850 commercials, while WAL-MART was down from #2 in 2008 to #7 last year with 741,450 radio spots. New to the top ten last year was SAFELITE AUTOGLASS coming in #8 with 662,970 ads. ONSTAR was in at #9 airing 480,957 ads last year. Coming in #10 was Kohl’s 467,927 spots. The good news on the numbers, the totals for the top ten advertisers is about the same in both years: in 2008, the top ten paying radio advertisers ran 9,576,155 spots and in 2009, the top ten ran 9,977,933. And this year will probably be better.

NOTE: For this year’s SPOT TEN, the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was not included and their totals were taken out of the year to year comparison.

About Media Monitors

Media Monitors is the nation’s leading network and local monitoring company, serving the media and advertising industries with near real-time intelligence on radio, television, cable, print and display internet. For radio, Media Monitors is the only provider of spot occurrence data in the US. Media Monitors is accredited by the MRC for its US radio, local network and cable television spot monitoring services. Outside the US, Media Monitors tracks a variety of media in major markets including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa. Media Monitors holds multiple patents for its monitoring and data modeling technologies.

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